Department of Business Law

Lund University School of Economics and Management


Business Law covers several legal areas of study. In common, they are connected to economic questions with respect to the company, industry and the society. Courses offered aim to provide an under-
standing of the rules of the market economy through a legal lens: with the help of legal methods and arguments solve problems where different interests conflict with each other. A practical approach is adopted in both the Department’s courses and research. Lecturers include lawyers as well as economist with experience in both research and practice.

Today’s dynamic environment demands players to be equipped with knowledge and skills enabling them to respond flexibly to a variety of situations. It is no longer possible to point out specifically the knowledge required to act competently in each occupation. This warrants one to be able to define applicable rules and how to apply those rules given a particular situation. Knowledge in Business Law offers one the core competence of preventing potentially complicated problems from arising with the help of applicable legal tools e.g., through signing of contracts. Furthermore, it equips one with the creativity to handle conflicts or problems that have arisen, through legal means outside the applicable set of rules.

Competence in this field is treasured in many occupational areas, both in the public and private sectors. The Department offers courses in different areas of specialization targeted at students interested in pursuing a career as an accountant, tax specialist or in the area of human resources.



Anneli Carlsson
Director of studies, lecturer
Phone: +46 46 222 42 52
Room: EC2-363