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EU Law, 15 credit points


This course introduces the students to the institutional framework and legal order of the European Union. It explains the social and political considerations that underpin the development and processes of the EU and how to access, interpret and use treaties, legislation and case-law. The course is composed of a general part concerning the institutional framework, legislative process and sources of law and a second part focusing on specific areas such as Internal market, competition policy and the social dimension of the integration process. The teaching is based on lectures, seminars and group works. The course ends with a take-home exam.

To be eligible for the course the student must have obtained 120 ECTS credits.

Students studying HARG20 will study together with students from the Department of Political Science, course code STVP34.


HARG20 Schedule Spring 2021 

Course Syllabus and Literature

HARG20 Course Syllabus

HARG20 Course Literature Spring 2021


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